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Its wrist is also perfect, with a thickness of only 9.4mm. The dial is white enamel, black hands, Roman numerals, and a quick date change at 6 o’clock.

The stainless steel shell has a water resistance rating of 100m and is diamagnetic. Inside the case, you will find the tried-and-tested ETA 2892-A2 self-winding movement, which you can see at the speed of 28,800 mph through the sapphire crystal back cover.

Then, Sinn jomashop watches fake added a crocodile-embossed calfskin strap and a spoon buckle to complement all this.

The anti-reflective coating of sapphire crystal glass shows the black elements on the white dial form a sharp contrast, giving you a perfect readability and timeless style.

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Titanium case Sinn 103 Ti dial replica watch

The patented Sinn 103 tips replica that we have developed over the years has now become part of these classic SINN watches.

For example, the 103 Ti DIAPAL and 103 St DIAPAL models have a lubricant-free escape system (DIAPAL technology).

We use a unique material combination. Even if there is no lubrication, it will not cause any damage to jomashop sell fake watches, thus ensuring the long-term accuracy of the movement. To perfect the technical design, both models equipped with Ar dehumidification technology.

You can see that the purpose of the 103 series was to create: uncompromising features. According to our company’s tradition, its design is similar to cockpit instruments.

After all, the first batch of jomashop real or fake watches we produced were mechanical aviation clocks for professional use.

The movement embedded in an almost arid environment. It can reduce aging and prevent crystals from fogging in a sudden cold climate, and ensure reliable function and accuracy for a long time.

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