This week, we will return to the IWC Pilot fake Rolex cheap series and check out one of the latest versions in the series, under the trademark XVIII.

As we mentioned, when we covered the trademark XVII earlier last year.

The mark series is a cheap fake Rolex-style series rooted in the B-Uhr pilot. It also know by the nickname “Dirty Dozen” The influence of classic military style watches.

It was put into British military service in the early 1940s.

The unnamed XI cheap Rolex watches fake at that time characterized by a flat, easy-to-read dial, a practical stainless steel case, and a sturdy body. Withstand the war. Some more violent shocks suffered during this period.

In the following decades, this Swiss-made fake Rolex watches cheap (example below) used for military. And civilian timekeeping until it finally retired in the early 1980s.

It wasn’t until 1993 that with the release of the IWC trademark XII. The modern trademark series was born.

Today, we saw the latest version of the Mark series in XVIII. Which combined with the newest update of IWC to pilot fake cheap Rolex at SIHH 2016.

You may notice that since its re-release in 1993, the work of IWC XVIII (Ref. 3270) has many similarities with other references in this trademark series.

It equipped with a 40 mm stainless steel case, an automatic IWC caliber 30110 movements (based on ETA 2892). And a carved tribute back cover. This timepiece developed by IWC. Where to buy cheap fake Rolex and is a durable, reliable, entry-level large pilot watch.

On the dial, you will again notice how it executed. With large Arabic numerals, visible minute ring, pure date window at 3 o’clock, and any classic pilot Rolex fake cheap logo, the triangular noon position Two points.

Other functions that need to note are the large hour and minute hands, which can indicate the time. The soft iron inner shell preferred by IWC can protect the movement from the magnetic field. The black or white dial and the leather strap are optional or the metal bracelet.

IWC has set the price of two dials in leather strap styles at $ 3,950 and the strap version at $ 4,950.

Compared with the XI mark in the early 1940s and its predecessors since the 1990s, the XVII mark has two similarities and differences.

With the old model, the purpose of practical durability and readability can see in the steel case and the contrasting black and white dial.

However, in addition to design inspiration, retro and modern works look almost entirely different. The case (sharing similar curves) is thicker, more substantial, and advanced in fashionable fake Rolex watches cheap ebay.

The modern dial is more functional and more conspicuous. The movement based on an ETA automatic movement, not the manual winding IWC Calibre 83 in many vintages watches developed by the brand.

However, when comparing Mark XVII with earlier works in the Mark series since its re-release in 1990, more similarities can be found.

Throughout the entire life cycle of the modern marker series, the overall shape of the case and the function of the dial remain unchanged.

The only difference between the XVIII mark and its modern predecessors is the 40mm case and the arrangement of its dial functions.

It includes placing the triangle slightly below the minute ring at midnight.

It always using Arabic numerals around the dial, sword-shaped hands, and an essential date window at 3 o’clock.

Many of these features have previously embodied in varying degrees in earlier trademark models. But trademark XVIII was the first company to use this particular combination.

The modern IWC logo XVIII is undoubtedly an exciting new version of the historical lineage of the logo series and the more extensive IWC pilot watch series.

Compared to the last trademark XVII in the trademark series (shown above). Its direction has also changed. In this case, the case is slightly larger, the dial is more complicated, and the entry price is higher.

Overall, it adds another element to the growing IWC Pilot fake Rolex watch cheap very cheap. It very reasonable series and provides a robust model for first-time consumers entering. The IWC fake Rolex swiss movement cheap competitive world and long-term collectors. Who has long sought a watch with a solid background story?