As we wait for the arrival of the new year, we will reflect on how different a year will be when comparing a watch with its predecessor.

It reviewed three representative replica watches and showed how the performance of classic timepieces has changed over time. Earlier this week, we took a look at “Rolex Submariner”. Today, we take a look at the iwc replica tag series.

Rolex Replica Submariner is diving, while the Replica IWC Mark series is flying.

The minimalism of this three-hand watch originated from Mark 11 in 1948. IWC launched its previous models in 1936 and 1945.

Their small second’s display and other details on the dial provide a very different appearance from the following classic products.

IWC replicas 1948-1952

When Mark 11 launched, simplicity had become a daily task.

The dial of Mark 11 adopts two different luminous pointer designs, displaying the time on the marked hour and minute tracks, respectively, at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. The 36mm steel case entirely brushed to prevent disturbing reflections.

The 1994 Mark XII followed Mark 11’s basic design specifications. As before, the size of the case is 36 mm.

However, the “12” in the model name now uses Roman numerals. The numbers on the dial use different fonts, and a date display has added.

Now, the new iwc replica watch carries the brand name and the word “Automatic” on the dial. Even if the original dial and the apparent layout disrupted to some extent, this would continue in future models.

It followed by Mark XV, which came out in 2000. The case has increased from 36 mm to 38 mm, which brings the date closer to the center of the dial.

Compensate for the larger case size, the time scales and hour markers made thicker. So the dial looks the same as the Mark XII dial.

IWC Mark XV 2000

The modification of Mark XVI has taken a big step forward: the case has only increased by 1 mm. But the shape of the pointer has changed to a broad sword shape. For ease of reading, many pilot watches use this sword shape.

This change makes the new model look more like an authentic watch. But unfortunately, it also looks more like the old-fashioned replica iwc watches made by other manufacturers.

Another change is that the iwc topgun replica restores the beautiful font on the original Mark 11 dial. Except for 4, all numbers look the same as the 1948 version.

In the process of leading to the current Mark XVII, the size of the case has increased by 2 mm, and the current span is 41 mm. While the shape of the case and the appearance of the dial remain unchanged.

Unfortunately, only fundamentally, due to the lengthening of the date window with the red arrow pointer. This means that IWC gave up the cleaning function of its earlier models.

The new display is a design element that adds extra color to the dial with a red triangle but does not contribute much to the famous IWC model series.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Winding Watch IW356601

The Da Vinci Automatic Watch is a 40 mm diameter, a three-hand timepiece with a classic and simple style that is very attractive for both men and women.

Thanks to the removable lugs, the watch can perfectly fit the slender wrist and favored by women.

The iwc big pilot replica 356601 man equipped with a pin buckle, and the IW356602 watch fitted with a new butterfly folding buckle so that the clock can properly fix on the wrist.

Thanks to the bright and orderly dial design and the date displayed at the “6 o’clock” position, the eye-catching Arabic numerals and willow-shaped hands are optimally displayed.

The crown cleverly connected with the curve of the case, harmoniously blending with the iwc Portuguese replica’s overall appearance. Both models have a fake iwc watches the waterproof performance of 3 bar. And both use the proven 35111 self-winding movements with a 42-hour power reserve.

IW356602 watch chooses stainless steel case, dark gray dial and rhodium-plated hands and embedded hour markers.

And it equipped with a polished stainless steel bracelet.

I complimented the pure steel model, the IW356601 watch model equipped with a silver dial and gold-plated hour, minute, and embedded hour markers, in sharp contrast to the blue second’s hand. The hand-painted black Santoni crocodile leather strap complements the elegant look of the watch.

The new Da Vinci automatic winding watch has a stainless steel case, detachable online lugs, and double bezel, which is a tribute to the Davis X automatic watch born in the 1990s.

Due to the small output, the SL series appeared in the watch industry in 1976, so it is still a popular series.

Since 1868, Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen iwc replica watches have focused on technology and innovation. Companies eager to pursue innovative and original technologies have won wide acclaim internationally.

As one of the world’s leading brands in professional luxury fake watches, iwc watches replicas is a unique model of unique performance and unique design, creating observations that reflect the highest level of advanced watchmaking.

As an environmentally conscious and socially responsible company, IWC actively promotes the sustainable production, supports the work of children and adolescents worldwide, and maintains close cooperation with climate protection and environmental protection agencies.