Mechanically, it is no different from the brothers of the standard release. In terms of materials, the Hermes Apple Watch is the most conspicuous.

To attract a new Apple Watch to switch audiences and improve its fashion talent (the technology giant was appointed this week as a sponsor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Fashion Academy Gala next May), Apple did emerge.

The fake Hermes replica watches digital timepiece series has developed in several ways.

The attention to detail is spectacular. In addition to the classic iconic cutter based on the Hermes replica. The digital combination of the classic Hermes dial design of Cade Cod and Espace mechanical watches (it has a long development time like the Apple Watch), and packaging.

Because let us face reality, when any product marketed to the trendy crowd, the display method must be consistent with the product.

The elegant Hermes orange shopping bag marked with the Apple Watch logo (this is the fashion house’s first co-brand) to the fake Hermes orange Apple Watch box, the poster titled “Apple Design in California. And Hermès Design in Paris,” The logo on the placard Hermes watch replica titled Apple Watch is in the storage box. The branding on it is equivalent to the orgasm of Hermes.

Did I mention that the Hermes fakes brown ribbon remade to include the Apple Watch logo?

On October 5, the first day of its launch, the Hermes watches replica flagship store in New York City hung a production line around the block (this is the first time I saw it in my life in Manhattan for more than 30 years). It sold out in 16 regions in North America, of which the Double Tour model is by far the most popular.

Notes for those fascinated by the 38mm double leather twist pattern: No one I have witnessed can wear it on the wrist;

Unless you have Kate Moss-sized attachments, it will be difficult for ladies. Unfortunately, the 42mm model does not provide Double Tour. Apple lost the opportunity.

As for the watch itself, it is engraved with watches replica on the back of the stainless steel case and has the above three-dial font series, which can amaze any Hermès fans.

Focus The light Barenia leather strap with white contrast stitching is very handsome.

The fashion types and creative directors who have checked my Hermes replica watch almost agree on fair prices, and Apple can quickly sell them three times.

They comfortably wore on the wrist from $ 1,100 for a 38mm single wheel trip to $ 1,500 for a 42mm cuff, they comfortably worn on the wrist, and they are 50% cheaper than mechanical replica Hermes watch. But there is friction.

I met a friend who wore his mechanical replica Hermes watches cod horn on a date not long ago. “Ah, Hermes’ watch.” He grumbled my wrist.

“You are an early adapter.” I’m not sure how to deal with it. However, I watched his fantastic imitation designer watch eagerly. Except for the chronograph function, its dial was the same as my watch glass. When he told me that he had worn it for 13 years, I felt incredible.

Therefore, although the novelty of Hermès Apple Watch has made us both interested in it, please tell us what it will become 12 months from now? There is no doubt that Jony Ive has solved it.